Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alexandra and the terrible, no good, very bad day.

Yep. Today was a bad day.

I got laid off. :(
My last day of work is March 13th, so if anyone knows of a good part time position, let me know :)
My availability is Tues/Thurs all day, Fridays after 5, maybe saturday if its necessary :/

Please let me know if you know of something, and keep me in your prayers! :)


Mejia said...

You know... they're always hiring at Spanish TV networks... maybe a part time reporter job?

Janell said...

im sorry!!!! they dont know what they lost!! pppshhh how dare they lay off my friend...who do i have to go beat up?!?!? i love you alex!!! =)

Merari said...

awww, girl

I'm so sorry. Baptist health is always hiring.

and there is an afterschool program at a school by my house... I'll see if i can find something.

Paula said...

i <3 you
ill keep on searching on craigslist.
ull find something way better. fo sho ;)