Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moving at the speed of life.

I have been SO stressed these past couple of weeks! Ok, maybe not stressed.. just really really busy.

A normal week for me usually consists of school, work, essays, exams, small group, dinner at the in-laws, weight watchers (yes, and its working lol), gym time, and maybe a little study time in between. And let's not begin to talk about weekends! All the time I couldn't fit into the week, I try to make up for on the weekend. This is just not possible.

I'm always going somewhere, I'm always busy, and I think my grades are going to suffer because of it. Granted, being busy is a good thing. But the most important thing to me right now is my grades and my school. I HAVE to get at least a 3.0 this semester to be admitted to the School of Journalism. Most of my grades are good; I got an A- on my first exam for Media & Society, a double A+ on my first paper for American History (totally pulled that one out of my butt), and I have a pretty good feeling that I did good on the second paper as well. I've been getting mediocre grades in my Fundamentals in Management for Hospitality class, but I have a few extra credit points that I think I will benefit from. The worst class for me this semester is Social Choice Math.. It's not necessarily a hard math, like stats or calculus, but it's just very meticulous. The professor speaks at a rate of one word a minute (don't believe me? sit in my class!) and, to be honest, I didn't really study for the first two exams. So, pretty much, I have to get an 80 or above on every one of my next exams (including the final!) to get at least a C+. :(

So I have to start focusing more on my school work and less on my social life. My mom always tells me that I can't be everywhere at once, and that is very true. I have to start learning to say no, as much as I may want to join along. Hopefully, by cutting some things out of my week, I'll be able to focus better in the important things and get to where I want to be.
I have the whole summer to hang out. ;)


Anonymous said...

I took social choice math my first semester of college. Let's just say, I don't miss it! My prof was...crazy, lol. And you're right, it's not difficult, but it is tedious.

Don't worry about it, just devote a bit more studying time to it and you'll pull it off no problem.


Mejia said...

it's true, you can't be everywhere at the same time, but God can. Just pray. XD

Janell said...

ctlol well good luck with that math!! but it seems like youre doing ok!!! im proud =)

Merari said...

good luck!

you can do it ;0)