Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Problem with Che.


Umm... there's something very wrong with this picture.

A Cuban flag (with Che Guevara smearing it) is draped in an office of Barack Obama supporters.

I love Obama. He's the only candidate I support in this race so far besides Ron Paul. But this is more than a little disturbing, both as a Cuban and as an American voter. I don't think glorifying a mass murderer in your campaign office is going to help you get elected. Granted, these women are reported as being just 'volunteers'; Obama's camp has denied that they are part of an official campaign office. But even so- just associating Che Guevara with Barack Obama makes me queasy to say the least.

Read the story on this blog, and see the video in its true context here, and let me know what you think.
I've been looking for this story on some of the major news outlets, but this is not being reported. :(

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Anonymous said...

hmmm...that IS strange... I'm not diggin' that at all. And I'm not Cuban or anything, but still...