Monday, December 31, 2007

Another year has gone by...

I can't believe that this is the last blog I shall be writing in 2007!! :)

It's kind of amazing how fast this year has gone by... and how much I have changed and grown in the process. I think at these times, people think about what they have learned this year and what they can expect in the year to come. It's crazy to think that your life can change so much in just 365 days...

God has taught me sooo many things this year. He has taught me who I can really depend on, and He has shown me how great things can be if you just put your faith in Him.

So, here's to a happy, healthy New Year for everyone! May God bless your life this year as he has continued to bless mine!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I hope 2008 can be another year of growth and happiness for you. :-)

And yes, it IS crazy how much life can change in just one year.