Tuesday, January 15, 2008

helloooo 2008!

wooo! my first blog of the new year! :)

well to catch everyone up... its been pretty interesting so far. I started school again... the schedule is hectic but I got my journalism bug back! :) I'm so excited.. a friend of mine from high school is working at a small local tv station in Homestead, and he told me that they really need reporters, regardless of experience. I e-mailed the studio manager and he said he would like me to come in for an interview! yay! :D I've been praying about it and I'm continuing to pray that God will show me where to go. :)

Anywho, in other news, I had quite an eventful weekend! On Friday Gabriel's brother Danny celebrated his 24th birthday at Studio A's eighties night. It was sooo fun! I went with Paula, Merari, Jannell & Jenny and we had a blast! :D It was great to hang out with the girls outside of church/small group and have a good time with them. I needed it! On Saturday was Danny's REAL birthday, so Paula came with me to celebrate at their house. I hadn't eaten all day, and only had about 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I felt terrible and had to go home early :( Apparently lack of sleep/food does not go well with my body! lol.

Anyway, I'm so excited cause this Saturday is my appointment with Miss Merari, Noted Fashion Photographer! ;) Me & Gabe are her muses to help her tune her photography skills! As if she needs to tune them at all.. psshh. I have so many cute ideas and I'm just soooo excited to see how the pictures will come out! :)

Here are some pictures from Studio A on Friday night! :)

Lilly & me :)

the birthday boy & me... don't worry he doesnt dress like that every day.


Merari said...

I'm a noted fashion photographer? cool! lol

thanks for inviting me to party with you on friday! it was awesome. Can't wait for Saturday!!! im so excited!!! ;0)

alexita said...

lol i was thinking of "americas next top model" and how they always call nigel that... hee heee :)