Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tolerance in Politics

As many of you may know, I'm voting for Ron Paul in the upcoming elections. I just think it's sad that it has gotten to the point that people don't really care about politics anymore. Everytime you tell people who you're voting for, they scoff and make a face... "He's never going to win!", they tell me. Well maybe so, but I thought I had the right to vote for whoever I wanted?

Someone asked me the other day in the car about Ron Paul. Who is he, what does he stand for, etc. I told her, and I told her his policies and how he has voted no on everything he disagrees with, and how he has never taken a stipend from taxpayers as so many other congressmen do. Later on that night, she mentioned that she had asked about him, but I went off on her about him and started campaigning for him. I was a little annoyed, I'm not going to lie. You ask me a question about a candidate, and what do you expect my response to be? It's so aggravating.

Even more so, major "media" outlets don't even mention Paul in any of their coverage of the primaries (even thought he came in second in Nevada. Let's not forget that). How can the American public make an informed decision if they are only being fed Huckabee/McCain/Romney/the occasional RUDY/Clinton/Obama??? The only way to get Ron Paul's message out would be to post blogs like this, or bulletins on myspace. But even then, people get annoyed and tell you to stop posting political bulletins. "You should run for president with all the political stuff you're posting". How else do I spread my candidate's message???

It's so frustrating, because if you say you're voting for Obama (I love the guy), nobody says anything to you.. but Ron Paul??? He's an isolationist! (He's not.) He's a radically liberal conservative (He is DEFINETLY not.) He's racist (He is not.)

Why doesn't anybody focus on the positives? He has fundraised the most of all the candidates; He has the strongest grassroots effort of all candidates; His poll numbers, while not necessarily #1 in all the states, have been respectable; He wants to restore American civil liberties that were ripped from us with the signing of the "Patriot" Act.

Sorry for the rant. It's just really annoying when people are always trying to prove you wrong, or make you think you're stupid. It reminds me of a lot of people who try to tell me that creationism is flawed; that there is no scientific proof that Jesus Christ existed. I can't tell them what to believe, but I know what I believe and I stand by it.

It's the same for politics. I can't tell you who to vote for, but please don't try to convince me that my candidate is flawed. And if I perhaps write something that is not in line with your beliefs, just don't respond. It's that simple.

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