Sunday, December 9, 2007

Keith Urban! :)

sooo i just got back from the BEST concert EVERRR!! :D

Of course, I'm talking about the fabulous Keith Urban! (Nicole Kidman's hubby, if you've never heard his music....) The concert really was amazing! He was so interactive with the crowd and at one point he actually got down from the stage and into the crowd!!! Let me just say that I never wished so hard to be in that section!!! lol.

It was really amazing. He was just so down to earth (and I know its a concert but that's the vibe I got from him lol) and it was just so much fun overall! :)

Except for some old gringas sitting behind me who wanted me to sit down!!!! Excuse me abuelita but my boyfriend paid some good money for this concert and I am going to have me some FUN!!! :D And that I did have.. hehe.

AAAnyway... I have to find my USB cable for my camera!! :( it has gone missing and I need to show everyone my pictures and video!!! :)
As soon as I find it I shall share the sexiness that is Keith Urban with you!! :D