Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.

In between all the craziness of finals week, I just can't seem to get some things out of my head. I recently had a falling out with one of my (now ex) best friends. The falling out itself isn't the problem; the problem is that she drug my very best friend down with her. We hardly talk anymore, and lately I've been the one that has done all the calling, all the texting to see how she was doing. I guess I'm just bummed because I know how she is (or used to be, for that matter), and I know that this is not her. Or maybe it was her all along? :/

I just feel really bad for her more than anything else. As much as I love her, I don't think things will be quite the same anymore. She's obviously made it clear who's friendship she treasures more... and what a pathetic excuse for a friendship! (sorry, I slipped... :x) Every time I envision my future- getting engaged, getting married and starting a family- I think of her, for some reason. I think of all we told each other we'd do (be the maid of honor, godmomma, etc.), and then I think about how there's a good chance she probably won't be a part of these milestones.

You see, she's been becoming more and more concerned with the material things in life (on the outside at least), and as nice as they are, I think she's forgetting the God that put them there. I hate to sound holier than thou, and that's not my purpose. But it's sad when you see someone who used to be so involved with church, and used to be so close to God, just slip away. This goes for both of them... my best friend and my ex-friend. I've reached out so many times to get her to come back to church, but she's always so busy.... work & leisure seem to take precedent.

So I guess what I'm trying to get at is, what do you do when you miss someone so deeply, but don't see things the same way? Do you think that someone like that deserves a second chance? Is the relationship important enough in your walk with Christ?

What do you do when your friends become complete strangers to you?

Sorry for the emo- ness, but I just needed to vent. :(


Merari said...

Uhmmm, toughie.

I've been there. I guess the only thing you can do is pray for your friend and ex-friend. It's almost impossible to help someone that doesn't want help.

hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but prayer works. It is SO hard losing a friend, especially a BEST friend. But you have to trust that God will bring you through it.

Also, I am a strong believer in second chances. Especially when you really care about someone. Forgiveness is a key part of Christianity, at least I think so anyway. Doesn't mean you have to let people walk all over you or anything like that...just don't shut people out. Always make yourself available, so that they know they can come to you when they really need you.

It's tough being a good friend...especially when the sentiment isn't being returned...but God calls us to love...unconditionally.

Like Merari said, hang in there!