Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

So, we're back from our lovely trip to New York & New Jersey!

We had a fantastic time. We accomplished most of what we wanted to (especially the Yankee game), but unfortunately we were not able to check out a Broadway show. Boo.

Anyway, the Yankee game was a fiasco! We hadn't previously bought our tickets ("It's a Yankee/Royals game... who's going to go?"-Gabby), and the game ended up being sold out a month before the actual game. Go figure. So we had to take our chances on the many scalpers outside the stadium. At first, they were asking for $150- FOR BLEACHER SEATS (usually, bleacher seats go for about $15)!!! My crazy and desperate boyfriend was actually considering it, but I refused to pay five times the cost of a ticket to sit in bleachers. So we walked around a little more, and were approached by some dudes who were offering us $100 for field-level tickets(A little more reasonable, considering these particular tickets are usually about $80). The only thing was, the seats weren't next to each other. Anyway, we ended up finding an empty seat next to where Gabby was sitting, and sat together next to left field (pretty great seats, I must say).

In the meantime, our host, Johnny (a family friend of Gabby's family) was sitting outside listening to the game. He wanted us to enjoy our first Yankees game, but he wasn't going to pay double the price for tickets that he could easily buy on any given day for the normal price. He was approached during the sixth inning by a scalper trying to get rid of his last couple of tickets. The guy was going to sell him a ticket behind home plate for $80. Being the New Yorker that he is, he refused, and told the guy, "I only have $40. Take it or leave it." The guy got mad, since he apparently paid like $90 for the tickets. But Johnny told him, "ok, that's fine. I'm good just listening to the game from here, but $40 in your pocket is better than nothing." So the guy gave him the tickets for $40! (Let me emphasize- Behind HOME PLATE).

Later on, he called us and told us the story, and said that there were two seats next to him. And so, we ended up watching the Yankees beat the Royals- behind home plate. And we got great pictures of Jeter and A-Rod, too. :)

It was a great day. :)

I uploaded most of the pictures to my myspace photo album, you can check them out there.


Lauren said...

Congrats. I thought that we got good seats when we went but hey nothing beats behind home plate, well except box seat in air conditioning. I'm glad to see you guys had a great time.

Merari said...

Gabby can't complain about anything for a while after that. hehe.