Thursday, March 11, 2010

Opportunities Abound

Nice header, eh? I'm proud to say I did it all myself. This blog is finally shaping up. :: Pat on the back:: :)

Anyway, some incredible opportunities have been coming my way. First of all, the Liberty City Link is about to print its first few articles in the South Florida Times! Here is the Times' announcement from last week. Four or five of my classmates will be published reporters by Friday! How exciting!

As for my story, where do I begin really? It started out as a relatively simple story, about the Hot Spot program and its impact on the Liberty City community. Eventually, though, my professor and I noticed some irregularities about the organization which sponsors the program. Needless to say, I will be writing the Liberty City Link's first investigative piece! My professor is giddy with excitement. As am I, but I'm just really intimidated by the whole thing. I really need to make sure I report everything as accurately as possible!

Reisner (said professor) told us the other day in class that the Times is even considering hiring some of us as interns over the summer, so that we can continue reporting for the Link and, in the fall, be able to be "editors" for the next batch of students coming in (who have NO idea what they're getting themselves into!). As heartbroken as he will be, I'm not sure about taking an internship at a newspaper. It's not personal or anything. It's just that my major is in broadcasting, so I want to be able to put together an impressive resume tape before graduation, so that I can increase my chances of being hired as a reporter soon after college.

I already got several opportunities! I applied a while back for the internship at NBC6 (or NBCMiami...or whatever they're called nowadays), and I am scheduled for an interview with them next month! Also, Reisner loves me as an investigative journalist, so he told me that he could hook me up with some of the investigative reporters at Channels 4 and 6. ALSO, my broadcast news professor told me she would be willing to hook it up at Channel 7, since one of her former students is currently a reporter there. I could tag along with her and get clips for my tape :)

All this is really exciting to say the least! God has really opened so many doors for me, and I'm so grateful for the wonderful professors He has placed in my life. They're great mentors and they're so willing to help! It's so refreshing and humbling.

This week is Spring Break (yay!), and after we get back we'll have just about a month to wrap things up. I'm praying God gives me the strength to deal with everything on my plate, both now and in the two (two!) semesters I have left. I know it'll be a long and busy summer, but I'm pretty confident that I can do it. :)

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