Sunday, May 24, 2009


Over the past 6 weeks, my church has been doing a series called "Boot Camp", which is aimed at helping Christians focus on the basics of our faith. Today's message was about Missions, and the importance of making God's mission to reach others our mission.

Listen to the CF message here.

We cited Luke 15:1-7, and he mentioned that in the passage, Jesus does three things:

- Pursue Us (Luke 15:4)
-Serve Us (Luke 15:5-6)
- Celebrates our redemption (Luke 15:6)

In the same way God pursues us, we are called to do the same to others in our lives. The pastor cited a video blog by Penn Jillette, who is an atheist. Watch this video blog where Jillette mentions the action of a Christian after one of his shows, and his thoughts on the man.
I thought the video spoke for itself, and is a great example of how we as Christians should treat others. What are your thoughts on this issue?

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Anonymous said...

I've seen that video before.
It is impacting.

My school is BIG on missions (and that's an understatement). They have taken the Great Commission very seriously and have a heart for lost people. I think if it were up to Dr. Akin every graduating student would be on their way overseas to preach the Word and make disciples.
I have never seen anything like it. I was a bit taken aback at first but now I am just in awe. There are so many people at this school who are getting ready to leave everything behind and live their lives overseas all for the sake of the Gospel.
You just don't see much of that in Miami. People are too attached to their lives (family, friends, jobs, etc) to follow the calling. Not that everyone is called to be foreign missionaries...but I find it odd that I don't know even ONE of my Christian friends who are called to do foreign missions. ::shrugs:: I dunno. That's another discussion I suppose.
The MAIN point is that no matter where you are (Istanbul, Miami, New York, Kenya, Milan, Hialeah) that is your mission field. There are plenty of lost people in your own backyard and you should be seeking to be a light for these people. I don't know why it's so difficult for us...perhaps we don't want to be ostracized, we're a little embarrassed, I dunno... but we are called to be a witness and we should realize how important this message is.