Wednesday, May 27, 2009

jon & kate (plus paparazzi plus cameras following your every move plus possible infidelity) plus 8

This whole "Jon & Kate Plus 8" drama is depressing.

I usually love watching the show to see the adorable kids and dynamics between a young couple with twins and sextuplets, but lately the only thing the show is known for is the rumors of infidelity on both ends- Jon & Kate have both been accused of cheating on each other with other people.

The rumors of the past three months haven't helped at all. I watched the Season 5 premiere, and it was so incredibly heartbreaking. When Jon and Kate were together, they barely even acknowledged each other. The paparazzi was hiding in the bushes by the park where their children celebrated their fifth birthday. The family has to come up with aversions to distract the paparazzi.

I think the thing that makes it the saddest is the fact that, as a viewer, you watch the deterioration of a marriage and the destruction of a family. As a viewer you feel as if you are part of the family, and you feel invested in the relationship. Watching it all fall apart is just heartbreaking. To add to that, this is no ordinary infidelity situation. Let's not forget that there are EIGHT- count 'em- eight children involved here, all of whom are below the age of 10.

More than anything, I think this whole hoopla is a great lesson. It shows how important communication is in any relationship. Somewhere along the lines, this couple stopped talking, and somewhere further along that line, something happened that has led to this situation they are currently in. Granted, having camera crews and eight screaming children around 24/7 doesn't exactly facilitate this. But setting boundaries beforehand, and understanding your limits, are both great ways to come to a consensus on the issue at hand.

This family is in a serious predicament. On the upside, this show has given them so many financial blessings in the form of vacations, a new home, etc. In a weird way, this show about their life has become their career. But on the downside, it has taken away their chance for a "normal" life.

So where do you draw the line?


Anonymous said...

Sad sad sad.

It's pretty clear Jon wants to quit the show...and Kate does NOT want to. She likes all the free stuff and money and book tours, etc. But what's more important? Financial gain or family?
Maybe they won't be able to go to Disney World for free, but hey, is that so bad?
Both of my grandmas each had seven kids, granted not all at the same time, but they were able to raise these kids on little money. Kids don't need free vacations in order to be happy. And you don't need free plastic surgery and teeth whitening in order for your kids to be happy.
Their church really needs to rally around them. They need prayer and some good biblical counseling.

alexita said...

so true.

i saw this video where Jon is like, "there are more important things then fame and ratings. There's family, and God, and life."