Monday, July 7, 2008

I ♥ New York

This weekend, Gabby and I booked our flight to fabulous New York City.

I couldn't be more excited! On our itinerary so far:

-Catching some Yankees baseball at Yankee stadium (This is the main reason we're going- Gabby wanted to see Yankee stadium before they tear it down at the end of the year).

-(Hopefully) catching a Broadway show, bank accounts willing. We're trying to decide between Spamalot, The Lion King and Wicked.

-A trip to the Big Apple wouldn't be complete without some bargain shopping in Chinatown! I found this cute little blog that gives bargaining tips.

New York is, by far, my favorite city. I love the fact that you can walk just about anywhere in the city- the accessibility is a refreshing change from all the Miami craziness.

Also, this will be my first time in New York in the summer! The last time we went, it was the dead of winter (early January, to be exact). I'm sure it will be a completely different city this time around, and I can't wait! :)

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Lauren said...

Have fun...its going to be amazing. Anne did the same for me booked Yankee tickets. You both are going to love this trip.