Thursday, June 10, 2010


Anyone who know me knows that I've been Jackie Nespral's number one fan since I was like 10. I know. I'm a huge dork.

I grew up watching NBC6, and I was always drawn to the making of a newscast, and I just always loved her because she seemed so down to earth. She was the first person that I wanted to mold my career after, and she's been one of my role models for such a long time.

Since I started my internship there, I've been slightly starstruck from seeing all these personalities I grew up with face-to-face. But I've always wanted to meet Jackie.

Today I got that chance!

She usually comes in after I leave, so I'd never seen her in person before. But today she had a story to edit, so she came a little early. For the record, the woman is flawless. She doesn't look a day over 30. I want to look like that when I'm older. Before I left, I mustered up all my courage and stopped by her office. The conversation went a little something like this (with my thoughts for extra kicks):

(knock on door)
Jackie: Come in...
Me: Hiii. I'm Alexandra, I'm one of the interns this summer. It's great to meet you. (shakes hand. heart stops.)
Jackie: Hi Alexandra! Welcome aboard, it's great to have you.
Me: Thanks! I just wanted to let you know....(how do I tell her I love her and admire her without sounding like a creeper?)'re awesome. (What did I just say??? I look like a fool. Good job. She thinks you're an idiot now.)
Jackie: (laughs) Aw, thank you so much.
Me: Well I really wanted to ask you... I wanted to know if you would be willing to look over my tape sometime and give me some pointers?
Jackie: Sure! Of course. Just drop by anytime and I'll be more than happy to look it over for you.
Me: Great! Thank you so much! It was great meeting you.
Jackie: Same here! Bye!
(leave office. legs shake.)

I'm so happy right now!

That's all I wanted to share. :)

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Mrs.R said...

how awesome is that!!! i am so happy for you :) i can't wait to see you on the news, some day!!