Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Friday was an interesting day at the WFOR newsroom. The new iPhone 3GS came out, and a few producers and reporters were excited about getting their new gadget in the mail. The I-Team producer, Gio, had gone to the Apple store in the Falls to pick up his iPhone.

In the morning editorial meeting, a bunch of producers were discussing the new video capability on the iPhone. The News Director, Adrienne Roark, suggested that Gio get some interviews and sound bytes for the story using the phone.

This is the result. (Keep in mind that this was completely shot using the iPhone. Sound was captured using the Voice Memo capability).

The story's been getting a lot of buzz in the industry lately. The Poynter Institute, a school and resource for journalism, brought it up in a recent blog regarding the impact of technology on citizen journalism. Check it out.

PLUS, for all you iPhone junkies out there, Gio posted a new iPhone challenge on his twitter page. Shoot a video response to his story using YOUR iPhone, and email it to him at gbenitez@cbs.com. Who knows-- it might just be broadcast on the air!


Anonymous said...

pretty nifty!

Gio Benitez said...

Thanks for the post!