Thursday, February 26, 2009


For my Visual Design for Media class, we need to create a blog. (I know, big stretch). It has to be on a professional topic, i.e. journalism, photography, artwork, poetry, recipes, etc. It can't be a personal blog like this one.

I was gonna go with a journalism blog, but will anyone really read it? I'm not a photographer, and I'm not a cook. I even thought of creating some sort of LOST analysis blog. A little too obsessed? What do I do?? Help!

Give me an idea for some kind of blog that has journalistic qualities, which I can incorporate a lot of images and visuals, and that people like you would like to read. Your help is greatly appreciated! :)

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Lauren said...

i would say narrow it down and be specific with something you personally like. i.e. politics, religion, community outreach, homeless. I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck!