Friday, November 14, 2008

Four down, 132,8475 to go!

I'm really tired.

This semester has really kicked my butt into high gear! Even though I had to drop a class (boo), I'm doing really well in my remaining 4 classes. All B's and A's for the most part. There are so many papers to write and quizzes to study for...I'm so ready for this semester to be OVER. Today I received my study guide for the final exam in my journalism class. I was so relieved. It's really almost over! Sure I still have a ton of papers to write, but I'm that much closer to being done with this crazy semester.

And then it will start again in January. Yay.

My enrollment appointment is not till Sunday, but I have a good idea of what classes I'm going to take. It looks like my semester will consist of Media Law and Ethics, Visual Design for Media, State Government and Politics, and Population & Society. It's a decent sized load, and I don't want to over-stress myself with 15 credits like I did this semester. I need to focus on getting my GPA up past a 3.0 and passing the CLAST test(I wish I could get exempt by working at the testing center, but alas, that is not the case).

As for the future, I'm thinking of doing a minor in Marketing. I know, I change my mind a lot, but I wanted to minor in PR and they wouldn't let me, so I have to find alternative things to do! I'm thinking marketing would be good because it (sort of) deals with communication, and would help me if I become a communications consultant or something one day. I'm not too worried, I still have like a million classes left to graduate! That's the thing about college. You get all excited because you're almost done with one semester... and you look at your planning sheet and realize that you still are nowhere near the finish line!

I'm just praying for the ability to focus on the remainder of this semester so that I can do well in it. I'm also praying for some guidance on my future! It would be awesome if you prayed for me too ;)


Lauren said... kind of need a comma or decimal between the 7 and 5. Sorry I know I'm a punk and I shouldn't be talking but I thought you should know. Good luck next semester with all your classes Im sure you will do fine. Love ya. Good seeing you and Gaby the other day :)

alexita said...

i've never been good with numbers lol ;)