Thursday, April 24, 2008

the sweet smell of success!

I'm DONE :)

...with this semester, at least. Yay!

I actually finished on Monday, but I've been busy working. I'm hoping I did good on my math exam, I did the best that I could and I guess that's all I could really ask for... :/

As for history, well, I didn't even have to take the test!
True story!

On Monday there was a "bomb threat" in the Graham Center (I know, surprise... bomb threat on finals week). My exam was scheduled for 6:30pm, and they let everyone into the building again at 6:15. How convenient! So my teacher was about 15 minutes late, and she came in looking upset. She said that, due to the bomb threat, Duplicating Services was unable to finsh making copies of her exam, so we had the following three choices:

1) Not take the exam, but stay with our current class average
2) Retake the exam at a later rescheduled date and time
3) Complete a take-home exam, which would be significantly harder than the original final

She gave us back out final papers, with the grade for the paper and the grade in the class on the front. I was pleased... 94.3, A in the class. :)

Needless to say, I chose not to take the final. :)

So I'm anxiously awaiting my final grades report!!! eeeek!! I know I most likely got A's and B's, but I want to make it official!!!! :D

I should also mention that one of the reasons for my wonderful grades this semester... my mom told me that if I got all A's and B's this semester, she would buy me a laptop. And I was NOT about to let that opportunity slip by. ;)

So I'm looking at a Dell... I know, I know, it's a blah PC. But unless someone can convince my mother to buy me a MacBook, it looks like that's what I'll get.

I've already groveled. Any other ideas? ;)


Rey De Armas said...

promote the student discount! there is a discount for FIU students...get on the Mac train :D

alexita said...

oooh!!! good idea :D
i wonder how much off it is..

Anne Marie said...

hooray! you're done! instead of $1099, the base model of a mac would be $999 with the student discount... and that's totally the same price as a similarly equipped dell. just sayin'...
i just made the switch myself (graduation gift), and i couldn't be happier.

Lauren said...

Congrats...I'm glad to hear that you have a nice summer vacation to enjoy. Why not have your mother read reviews about the comparisons of the two. Plus the laptop is for you not your mother see if that helps.